Driving Licence Check Promotion

About The Offer



The first 25 organisations to sign up with Ambit during the offer period, will be provided Driver Licence checking at a preferential rate per check for a minimum of 12 months.

The cost per check will depend on the length of contract.

  • 12-month contract - £3 per check per person.
  • 36-month contract - £2.50 per check per person.

The offer period will run from 23rd July 2018 to 30th September 2018. Once the 25 preferential accounts threshold is reach, the offer will be withdrawn irrespective of the offer period still being valid.


In addition

All preferential accounts will receive the value added automated Ambit app features. These include Workplace driving policy management, unlimited vehicle safety checks, Business Insurance monitoring, shareable content and partner offers. The additional compliance features of Ambit will be provided for free for the life of the customer’s contract.

The small print:

Customers on the preferential rate agree to provide either or both:

  • a case study to be used in promotion content and activities by Ambit.
  • Where possible act as a reference for potential clients to Ambit if the need arises. This will be limited to 5 references in any 12-month period, unless otherwise agreed with the client.
  • A minimum of 10 driver must be on the account at any one time.
  • Each driver set up must complete at least one check in a 12-month period. There is no limit to the number of checks that can be carried out on a single driver during the contract period and will be charged at the preferential rate.